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Millions of homes and business suffer from low water pressure and flow rates.

With the increasing demand for mains fed appliances, the popularity of multi bathroom properties (which in reality are of little use if only one appliance can be used at any one time!) and high volume showers added to the growing UK population and it's easy to understand why  poor water pressure and flow rates are increasingly common.

The MainsBoost™ Water Performance System delivers the optimum in appliance performance and is an increasingly popular solution to combat the effects of poor water pressure and flow rates irrespective of how many appliances are running at the same time...(read how the MainsBoost Water Performance System has boosted water pressure and flow rate for homes and businesses across the UK  by clicking here)

Clicking HERE will open an animated demonstration of the MainsBoost™ system.

The WRAS approved MainsBoost™ range of water accumulators harnesses the power of natural energy to deliver a constant flow of water throughout a building.
  • The MainsBoost™ patented Water Performance System is WRAS approved and Water Regulations compliant and connects directly to the incoming water main supply
  • The MainsBoost™ range comprises MainsBoost, MainsBoost Plus, MainsBoost Charger and TwinBoost.
  • The wide range of TWS water management products are suitable for residential and commercial applications.

TWS have the exclusive manufacturing and distribution rights for the patented and WRAS approved MainsBoost™ Accumulator range.  MainsBoost™ is the only patent approved direct off the mains accumulator system available in the UK.

Many things effect the performance of today's water appliances, particularly in multi bathroom properties it's more to do with poor water pressure and poor water flow rates and the ability of water authorities to maintain a constant water pressure which effects water pressure and water flow rates in the home leading to poor water pressure and poor water flow.  Good water pressure and water flow rates are so important for today's modern appliances to work effectively. With poor water pressure and poor water flow rates many homeowners resort to water boosting methods.
Boosting water in the home can be done in many ways to improve poor water flow and poor water pressure, With poor water flow and poor water pressure rates many homes needs to have the water boosted in their properties, water boosting can be done in many ways normally by using traditional noisy electric pumps, or booster sets to help to boost the water pressure and boost water flow rates  which overcome the issues of poor water pressure and poor water flow rates in the home. One System is the MainsBoost range of water boosting systems which have the innovative Water Performance System to help boost water pressure and water flow rates in the home. The MainsBoost improves poor water pressure and poor water flow by storing water under pressure to support the incoming water flow and or water pressure so that when a tap is turned on the MainsBoost Water Performance system tops up the water flow to the required water pressure and water flow to insure optimum appliance performance if another appliance is opened the MainsBoost release additional water under pressure into the system,
MainsBoost™ Water Perfomance System
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