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How to carry out a pressure and flow test?
To carry out a pressure and flow test successfully you will need the following
A flow measuring cup or a 10 litre (2 gallon) bucket
A stop watch/timer - most mobile phones have them.
To check pressure
Attach the pressure gauge to a tap (a garden tap is the easiest). Do NOT open the tap until you have turned on another tap in the house. Once another tap is running open the tap to the gauge to read the working pressure. Now turn off the other tap in the house, the gauge will now show the static pressure to the house.

To check the flow rate
Place a 10litre bucket under the garden or kitchen tap (both should be connected directly to the incoming main) and now time how many seconds it takes to fill the bucket. This will allow you to calculate the flow rate per minute - e.g. 30 seconds to fill 10 litres. 60 seconds ÷ 30 seconds = 2. therefore 10litres x 2 = 20lpm flow rate.
Alternativley, you can purchase a TWS water pressure and flow test kit from our online shop which is the easy to use option