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It wasn’t really all that long ago that the old tin bath stood in the corner of the kitchen and Sunday night was bath night!

Back then, nobody really thought about water performance… Today the ever increasing popularity of energy efficient direct on mains appliances, multi bathroom properties and high volume showers, combined with a growing UK population and an ageing infrastructure means that water supply to UK properties is now a major issue.

With the average person showering at least 4 times a week, the need for good water performance in the home is essential. But with this increase in demand comes the inevitable disappointment with more and more homeowners and commercial users complaining about poor water pressure and flow rates!
The reason…Water demand is simply outstripping supply and as water utility companies are legally obliged to provide only 1Bar of pressure, it’s understandable why there are so many customer complaints about poor water pressure!

A cost effective, environmentally friendly, energy efficient and increasingly popular solution to this growing problem, for both residential and commercial applications, is the range of MainsBoost™ Water Performance Systems which deliver the kind of performance customers expect when taking a shower or running a bath!

Developed by TWS the innovative and patented MainsBoost™ Water Performance System puts an end to the problems caused by low and inconsistent water pressure and poor water flow rates for both residential and commercial properties.

The MainsBoost™ Water Performance System harnesses  the power of natural energy to improve and boost water performance throughout the property by utilising 'green energy' solutions. This has the added benefit of reducing residential and commercial energy costs and helping users become carbon neutral.

TWS also stock a range of water management solutions to further enhance the performance of the MainsBoost™ system or for locations where the MainsBoost™ systems may not be suitable.

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The MainsBoost™ Water Performance System is designed to work with and to boost water pressure and increase flow rates to all main fed water appliances such as high flow shower heads combination boilers, un-vented cylinders and electric showers allowing them to be run at their optimal setting to deliver a real increase in water performance compared with other systems.
The MainsBoost™ and TwinBoost™ range of Water Performance Systems are WRAS approved and water regulation compliant, and deliver the latest in water performance technology to harness the power of natural energy to distribute water around a property with sufficient pressure and flow to run every shower, fill every sink, bath and toilet cistern at any one time without any noticeable drop in water pressure.

This is a real benefit for multi bathroom properties as once a MainsBoost™ water Performance System is installed everyone can have a shower at the same time but not necessarily in the same shower!

We provide effective water solutions for both residential and commercial use, working with the Ministry of Defence, leading housing developers, Housing Associations, Borough Councils, Global Corporations and Private Individuals.

If low water pressure and poor water flow rates are an issue, TWS have the solution - To find out more click here or call 0333 121 3050

We have an in-depth knowledge of water supply issues and offer a consultation and design service. Our unique 'Water Solutions' package includes patented accumulator technology, water boosting and transfer sets, water storage, filtration, pressure and flow control devices and a range of water saving products.