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You and Your Water:

"I love to shower in the morning but so do all my neighbours and my once powerful shower ends up as just a trickle..."
“Today’s combination boilers will deliver all the hot water you want but if the water pressure and flow rate coming into the house isn’t sufficient, the boiler won`t work at its optimum performance and water flow will be reduced…this is particularly true in many housing estates where peak demand for water often outstrips supply!”

"So what is the answer?"

"Our water companies need to increase both  water pressure and flow to homes and businesses across the country but unfortunately this is not possible. There are simply not the required resources to meet the ever increasing demand.

The water infrastructure across the UK has not been updated for years. The last new reservoir was built in 1976 and the pipe work is simply not large enough to carry the water required to meet the demand created by the massive number of new homes built since 1970.

And, not so long ago, it was one bath a week now its 60 million people showering every day, and with more and more homes having combination boilers and unvented cylinders installed the problem can only get worse, one solution to improve the situation is to install a water boosting system to increase water pressure and flow rates"
"It's getting too technical for me. What is the most effective solution?"
More and more homeowners today are selecting the MainsBoost™ Water Performance System to increase water pressure and flow rates. It is easy to install because it connects directly to the mains water supply there is no need for expensive building alterations or noisy booster pumps which kick in every time an appliance is opened. But more importantly.
The MainsBoost™ Water Performance System is a patented, tried and tested system that is highley effective in eradicating water pressure and flow rate issues, and you can see just how good it is
by clicking here to watch the video.

Your plumbing contractor can advise you on the correct system to use but basically, if you have good water pressure but poor flow rates or you live in a house with more than one bathroom then the standard MainsBoost™ Water Performance System will be sufficient. However, if your property has poor water pressure (below 2Bar) then you will require the MainsBoost-plus™.

You can find information on the MainsBoost™ Water Performance System by clicking here or the MainsBoost-plus™ by clicking here.
Our Facebook page also has lots of information and examples of installations around the country.