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"Millions of homes and businesses across the UK suffer from low water pressure and flow rates, and with the growing demand and popularity for unvented cylinders, combination boilers, high flow shower heads and multi bathroom properties it's not going to improve which why the MainsBoost™ Water Performance System has become the popular solution"

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sent by e-mail

"Hi all,

I just wanted to thank you for your kind support with my Mainsboost Plus issues this morning.

Thanks to your instructions, I've managed to restore the pump's original set up after the main water has been restored.

Your customer service is very good, as well as the quality of your product which hasn't failed me for now 3 years.

I would recommend your company to anyone.

Kind regards,

Christophe Meyer"

"Great bit of kit, will be using it again. Thanks for all you help"
Dave  Gibbons

"We had a real issue with poor water pressure which was affecting our business as we were taking far longer to wash our clients hair than we would have liked…our customers were not too happy either but since we have fitted a MainsBoost™ Water Performance System our productivity has dramatically increased and we have happier customers too…"
Julie Craven, Swaggs Unisex Salon, Haworth, West Yorkshire

"In terms of how it works, and the water for the cold feed as well as driving the pressurised hot water it is absolutely fantastic and the best bit of money we have spent on the house so far. It has transformed an important and vital facility and kept three daughters off my back who could never have a soak as by the time the bath got to a decent level it had gone cold! We will be putting a second system in a holiday let and maybe a third for a separate shower block to service some glam camping yurts we are planning for next year."
Alistair Collie, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

"Living at the top of a hill the water pressure to my house was appalling and washing the car was a pain, because the water trickled out of the hosepipe. I was sceptical at first as to what pressure we could achieve using the MainsBoost system, but your technical team convinced me that MainsBoost Charger was the way to go.
I`m delighted to say I can wash the car properly; the hose pipe is now like a pressure washer, even when the wife is doing the washing on a Sunday morning!"
Phil Coombs, Horwich, Lancs
"...our objective was to give our customers a five star experience now thanks to the MainsBoost™ system we are now able to provide our customers with power shower performance without the need for noisy pumps"
Jamie Wright, Swilland Mill, Woodbridge, Suffolk