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We receive hundres of phone calls asking us for information, so here are some of the questions and answers which you may find usefull...

Q:  Can I fit a water softener with my MainsBoost™ Water Performance system?

A: Yes, it is possible to install a water softener with the MainsBoost system.  Many water softeners are quite restrictive of pressure and flow, so the softener should ideally be installed prior to the MainsBoost system, thereby storing a volume of softened water ready to use as required.

Q: Can I use the MainsBoost™ Water Performance System to store drinking water?

A: Yes, the MainsBoost system is fully WRAS approved, and therefore totally suitable for storing potable drinking water.

Q: What pressure will the MainsBoost™ Water Performance system boost the pressure up to?

A: The Mainsboost system captures a volume of water at the highest static pressure available in any given period. If the water pressure from your incoming main never gets over 2Bar, then that is the maximum water pressure that the MainsBoost can capture, however it will boost flow rates within the property up to 80lpm (subject to pipe work configuration).

 If you want to guarantee water pressure up to 3.5Bar, then consider installing the MainsBoost Charger™ MJ1 or MainsBoost-plus™ units.

Q: Will the MainsBoost™ Water Performance System  work with any unvented cylinder or combination boiler?

A: Generally speaking; yes. The MainsBoost™ system can be installed in conjunction with most unvented cylinders, combination boilers, and thermal stores, in fact pretty much any direct on mains appliance.

Q: How much noise does the Charger pump make?

A: The Charger MJ1 has a very low noise rating of just 38dBa, whilst the Charger MJ3 pump as fitted to the MainsBoost-plus™ is rated slightly higher at just 55dBA. In “real” money, that makes the MJ3 about as noisy as a standard washing machine or shower pump.