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The Situation

Located on Lillie Road, Earl’s Court, this £5 million development of seven new build contemporary town houses was completed in 2016. Each property features 3/4 bedrooms and 2/3 bathrooms over 4 floors.

Unfortunately, tenants and owners found that they were experiencing low water pressure and water shortages during peak times of the day and in the bathrooms on the top floors in particular.

WPJ Heating were invited to investigate the problem and find a solution to these problems.

The Problem

After surveying the property, WPJ Heating engineers found that the water pressure boosting systems that had initially been installed had too small a capacity and could not adequately meet the demands of the households. The stored water would run out before the household had finished showering and the pressure and flow at the shower heads was unsatisfactory.

The Solution

To solve the problem, WPJ Heating proposed an upgrade to the water boosting systems located in the properties garages to make sure all the bathrooms had sufficient water supplies at a sustained pressure and flow.

TWS was then called in to complete a detailed site survey. This included measuring the existing water pressure and flow rates prior to producing the specification for a patented design pressurised cold water storage vessel and direct on mains pump system that would fix the problem.


A TWS MainsBoost plus system incorporating two 450 litre cold water storage vessels and a Charger MJ3 direct on mains pump was installed into one of the properties and the results were outstanding!

The new TWS system provides over 450 litres of stored cold water held at a charge pressure of 3.5 bar ready for use whenever a tap is opened and is automatically topped up as water is consumed. This boosted cold water supply is then distributed throughout the property through the unvented hot water cylinder and to the rest of the household, so that large volumes of high pressure hot and cold water are maintained to the kitchen and all bathrooms. The clients are absolutely delighted with the improved performance of their taps and showers and the TWS solution has now been rolled out to all 7 properties.