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Where: A typical 3 storey MOD barrack block built in the mid 1930s housing fifty soldiers.

Who for: Ministry of Defence

Who by: M & E Contractor JFK Plumbing contractors

The problem: The barrack's cold water was supplied from a 4000 litre cold water storage tank in the roof space. This was unhygienic and required twice yearly chlorination.
Noisy, unreliable shower pumps had been fitted on each floor in an attempt to boost pressure and volume.
The incoming cold water main static pressure was 5.0 bar but the flow rate of approx 100 litres per minute was not sufficient to supply an acceptable flow rate.
Maximum demand led to water starvation and bump breakdown

The solution: The objective was for  50 soldiers to return from exercise, shower and be ready for a debrief in 15 minutes. It was calculated (at peak demand) this would require 2400 litres which the existing plumping was unable to provide If the objective was to be achieved  the existing cold water storage tanks in the roof space would have  be removed and  replaced with the MainsBoost™ Water Performance System.

How did we do it:  Eight 450 MainsBoost™ Water Performance System vessels were fitted  to the rising main to deliver 8lpm to the water saving  shower heads, 6lpm to the basins and 18lpm to the baths which exceeded the expectations of the returning soldiers.
The advantages to the army:
  • Improved water performance - Soldiers showered and out on parade in 15 minutes!
  • Improved hygiene with high water flow rates.
  • Improved water supplies to showers and sanitary systems.
  • Improved Balanced pressure to hot and cold circuits.
  • Improved 'Green Energy performance'  No power consumption = reduced costs.
  • Improved service levels No mandatory chlorination with minimal maintenance
The MainsBoost™ Water Performance System has now been approved for installations at Picton Barracks, Deepcut Barracks, Sandhurst, Borden Army Camp and the Tidworth Project.