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Water Boosting Performance at Swilland Mill

Swilland Mill is a renovated Victorian Steam Mill adapted into 3 luxury holiday apartments. Guests complained about poor water performance. This was disappointing because new combination boilers had been installed in each flat and a new water main had only recently been completed to improve water pressure.

A survey was undertaken. The findings showed that  mains water pressure In the summer months fell well below 2.Bar. This resulted in the poor water performance.

A cost effective solution had to be found. it had to be quick and easy to install and deliver 'power shower' performance even when various water appliances  were being used at the same time!

The solution: 3 direct on mains MainsBoost™ Water Performance Systems and a 'Green Energy'  MainsBoost Charger™ MJ1 pump  (which is  60% more energy efficient  than traditional water boosting pumps and lower 40dba noise rating) were installed to boost mains pressure to 3.5Bar.
How did we do it?: A TWS upstream kit was installed on the incoming water main this fed into the Charger MJ1 pump set which supplied the 3 MainsBoost™ Water performance Systems which were connected onto a low loss copper manifold to feed the combination boilers and balanced cold supplies.

The result: The MainsBoost™ Water Performance System increased water flow and maintained  water pressure at 3.5Bar to the combination boilers which could now  work at their optimum performance.The shower now delivered ‘power shower performance’ irrespective of other appliances being turned on (a toilet being flushed for example).

Jamie Wright of Swilland Mill is delighted with the improved performance that the MainsBoost™ delivered "...our objective is to give our customers a five star experience now thanks to the MainsBoost™ system we can provide our guests with power shower performance without the need for noisy pumps".