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Poor Mains Water Supply... Sorted

An old water main had reduced water pressure and flow rates to a Victorian property in Ealing West London.

The house was being renovated and the very latest in bathroom and kitchen water appliances were specified. 

Mains water pressure was well below 1.8 bar the minimum water pressure required by modern water appliances to provide optimum performance

The  property had limited loft space and  little space for a water tank which would require continual pumping to provide the 3.5bar required to achieve  optimum appliance performance.

Dennis O'Sullivan of Woodfield Ltd (a MainsBoost™ preferred contractor) undertook a survey of the properties' water needs.

To meet  household demand three 200 litre MainsBoost™ Water Performance units and two AquaStor Sigma hot water unvented cylinders were installed.

As water pressure was well below 1.8bar  a MainsBoost Charger™ direct on mains 'green energy' pump was installed to ensure water pressure remained at a constant 3.5bar.

Piping hot water was now delivered at 3.5bar throughout the property.  More than enough to run two or more showers at the same time!
Denis O' Sullivan of Woodfield's commented after installation  "works like a dream"

Nothing more to be said...