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Westbourne Studios, one of Britain's most imaginative office and studio complexes, is home to over 100 innovative small businesses, predominantly from the creative industries. Westbourne’s thriving entrepreneurial community benefits from the collaborative environment created by the people who work within it.
However with water pressure at only 2Bar there was insufficient water pressure to reach the showers on the top floor so staff cycling to work were left in a poor and sweaty state...
The solution was to install the MainsBoost™ Water Performance System along with the quiet running Charger MJ1 'Green Energy' pump unit  to boost water pressure to 3.5Bar allowing the showers to deliver 'power shower' performance even when all 4 showers were running at the same time!
The direct on mains Charger™ MJ1 pump  draws a regulations compliant 12Lpm from the main with any additional flow passing through a 'green energy' valve directly into the MainsBoost™ Water Performance System to the pre-determined pressure (maximum 3.5Bar). The system is now 'locked and loaded' with increased water pressure ready to deliver the ultimate in increased water pressure and flow as one or more showers are running!
The Result, plenty of hot water for everyone and not a sweaty cyclist to be seen!