Baths and basins that take ages to fill, showers that don't perform the way you expect and  turn to a dribble when a toilet is flushed, hot water systems that fail to deliver the hot water performance your system requires...
These are just a few  indicators of low water pressure and poor water flow rates.
Our demand  for water is increasing, yet our ability to store water has not kept up with the demand for new home builds, multi bathroom properties and the growing popularity of unvented cylinders, combination boilers and high performance showers.
The result an ever increasing number of properties across the UK are suffering the effects of poor water pressure and low flow rates.
TWS are the UK's leading authority on solving the many issues caused by low water pressure and flow rates, an increasing problem in many homes and businesses across the UK. 
Our range of MainsBoost™ Water Performance Systems are quickly becoming the preferred option to solves all these issues. We also specialise in the more traditional water boosting methods.
So whatever your issues are with water pressure and flow you have come to the right place!
Water Boosting Solutions...
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