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Product Information:
"Why do I need a AquaStor-eco Twincoil unvented hot water cylinder?"
  • You want lashings of hot water.
  • You want an energy efficient, high performance well insulated hot water cylinder.
  • You want high quality, Duplex stainless steel with a 25 year warranty.
  • You have a gas/oil boiler and solar thermal panels or another form of renewable heat source.
"When should I install one?"

When you want to upgrade your old inefficient hot water system to a modern state of the art and energy efficient direct from the mains system or you are building a new energy efficient home and want to ensure you achieve the best possible SAP rating, using renewable heat sources

Unvented cylinders require a minimum 1.5Bar water pressure and a minimum flow rate of 20lpm. If the incoming water main to the property is unable to meet this requirement you will need a MainsBoost Water Performance System.

"How does it work?"

Both of the coils within an AquaStor-eco Twincoil cylinder are of the smooth bore design which give high volume recovery rates, and superior thermal transfer,whilst high insulation values minimize heat loss, ensuring you achieve the maximum possible efficiency from your renewable heat sources.

Each cylinder is supplied with a 3Bar rated combination valve, factory fitted temperature and pressure relief valve, safety controls and external expansion vessel.

(High pressure control groups are available for applications requiring increased hot water pressure, e.g. buildings higher than 4 stories or those with high pressure showers).

The AquaStor-eco range of Twin-coil hot water cylinders are available in either a 250 or 300 litre and are designed to operate with both thermistor and thermostat controlled boilers.

For AquaStor-eco technical information click here.
Key Facts:
  • Quality duplex stainless steel construction
  • Designed to operate with both thermistor and thermostat controlled boilers
  • Scale resistant smooth bore heating coils
  • High quality 3 kW immersion heater back up
  • Minimal heat loss, with class leading insulation values
  • 25 year warranty on inner cylinder
  • 2 year warranty on components
Not sure which model you need? View our sizing guide to find out.
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