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Product Information:
"Why do I need a MainsBoost™ Water Performance System?"
  • If poor water pressure and flow rates are sending you crazy then this is the solution.
  • You suffer from poor water pressure particularly at peak water demand times which effects the shower flow.
  • You are fed up of getting into the shower and it turns to a dribble when someone flushes a toilet or turns on a tap.
  • You want improved performance from your combination boiler or unvented cylinder
  • You want real 'power shower performance' without the need for electric pumps.
"When should I install one?"

If the property has good water pressure (above 2Bar) but poor flow rates or if the house has more than one bathroom then the property would benefit from installing a MainsBoost™ Water Performance System. This will stabilise water pressure and increase  water flow rates to combination boilers and unvented cylinders so they work at their optimum performance, allowing the property owner to enjoy the benefits of having multiple taps and showers open at the same time whilst maintaining pressure and flow to all outlets.

"How does it work?"

The WRAS approved MainsBoost™ Water Performance System overcomes the problems of low water pressure and flow rates by utilising patented accumulator technology to store a volume of water at pressure in a sealed hygienic container.

As an outlet is opened water is forced out of the MainsBoost™ boosting the incoming mains water supply and delivering a constant water flow rate to unvented cylinders, combination boilers etc allowing them to operate at their optimum performance. Result; Power shower performance using green energy solutions!

MainsBoost™ Water Performance Systems are available in a range of sizes from 55 – 248 litre capacity and can be used as a single system or linked together to provide improved water storage to meet household demands.

For MainsBoost™ technical information click here

To help with sizing the correct MainsBoost™ Water Performance System for your needs  Click here for our property survey questionnaire.  
Key Facts:
  • True 'power shower' performance without the need for pumps
  • No electrical consumption, silent operation and no maintenance
  • Requires only minimal flow to deliver up to 80 lpm
  • Wide range of sizes and configurations to suit all applications
  • Available with 22mm & 28mm Upstream ULK kits
  • 5 year warranty
  • Patent protected design is your guarantee of satisfaction
Not sure which model you need? View our sizing guide to find out.
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