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Product Information:
"Why do I need a TwinBoost Indirect Water Performance System?"

The TwinBoost  Indirect Water Performance System generates the very best in hot and cold water delivery If... 
  • You want the very best in hot water and power shower performance without the need for pumps.
  • You want a hot bath that fills in under 5 minutes.
  • You suffer from poor water pressure and flow rates.
  • Your property has either a gas or oil boiler or renewable heat source.
  • If you suffer from poor water pressure particularly at peak water demand times which effects the shower flow and you are fed up of getting into the shower and it turns to a dribble when someone flushes a toilet or turns on a tap.

"When should I install one?"

If the property has good water pressure above (2Bar) but poor flow rates or if the house has more than one bathroom then the property would benefit from installing a TwinBoost Water Performance System. This will increase water pressure and stabilise water flow rates to the TwinBoost unvented cylinder so they work at their optimum performance, allowing the property owner to enjoy the benefits of having multiple taps and showers open at the same time without losing hot and cold water pressure to any of the outlets.

"How does it work?"

TwinBoost™ systems are designed to deliver the very best in unvented hot water system performance by utilising patented MainsBoost™ Water Performance technology to maximise performance from the unvented cylinder, the TwinBoost™ system facilitates the design of modern hot and cold water systems allowing multiple bathrooms and high output showers to be installed where previously this was not possible,and offers many other benefits over traditional systems;
  • No open water storage tanks - reduced risk of legionella, and water stagnation
  • Wholesome drinking water to all taps
  • Operates at very low incoming mains flow rates
  • Overcomes water pressure and flow fluctuations
  • Flexibility of design
TwinBoost™ Water Performance Systems are available in a wide range of sizes to suit every application; however care should be taken to ensure the correctly sized TwinBoost™ system is installed. TWS strongly recommend that a water pressure and flow test is carried out prior to the specification of any TwinBoost™ system

If you are not sure of the right system for your need please contact TWS.

Minimum incoming water pressure: 1.8bar. Where pressure is less than 1.8bar the MainsBoost-plus™ or MainsBoost Charger™ should be used in conjunction with the TwinBoost™ hot Water cylinder

For TwinBoost technical  information click here.
Key Facts:
  • The ultimate hot and cold water performance system
  • Wide range of sizes available (Hot water cylinder sizes from 120-380 litres, and MainsBoost Water Performance Systems from 200-900 litres)
  • Configurations for every application
  • 25 year warranty on cylinder
  • 5 year warranty on MainsBoost Water Performance Systems
  • Patent protected design is your guarantee of satisfaction
  • Available with 22 & 28 mm Upstream ULK kits
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