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Product Information:
"Why do I need a MainsBoost-pro Multi Vessel System?"
  • You manage an NHS, private health care, public building, hotel, or leisure facility.
  • The building has large volume, high flow rate requirements.
  • You want an energy efficient, low carbon solution to water boosting performance.
  • The building presents logistical or structural challenges.
  • You want to reduce operational costs.
"When should I install one?"

If there is sufficient incoming water pressure but inadequate flow rate to meet the peak demand of the facility, then the property would benefit from installing a MainsBoost-pro™ Multi Vessel System. The system will stabilise water pressure and boost water flow rates throughout the property, allowing multiple taps and showers/baths to operate at the same time whilst maintaining water pressure to all outlets.

Prior to the specification and installation of a MainsBoost-pro™ Multi Vessel system, TWS recommend a site visit by one of our highly experienced technical team to undertake various pressure and flow tests and ascertain performance/consumption data and advise on the most suitable system for the application. Please contact the TWS Sales office on 0845 612 3050 to arrange an appointment.

"How does it work?"

The WRAS approved MainsBoost-pro™ overcomes the problems of low water pressure and flow rates by utilising Composite construction patented accumulator technology to store a volume of water at pressure in a hermetically sealed hygienic container.

As an outlet is opened water is forced out of the MainsBoost-pro™ boosting the incoming mains water supply and delivering a consistent water flow rate to unvented cylinders, direct fired water heaters etc allowing them to operate at their optimum performance.

Result; Pump set performance using green energy solutions, and without the noise, energy and maintenance issues!

MainsBoost-pro™ Multi Vessel Systems are available in a range of sizes from 248 - 4960 litres capacity and with incoming main Upstream Control Kits in 35-150mm diameter.
For MainsBoost-pro™ Multi Vessel technical information click here
Key Facts:
  • Lightweight and non corrosive composite shell
  • No electrical consumption, silent operation and no maintenance
  • 30% lighter than equivalent steel version
  • Requires only minimal flow to deliver optimum performance
  • Security of supply - reservoir of potable drinking water
  • Wide range of sizes and configurations to suit all applications
  • Available with Upstream ULK kits from 22 mm to 65 mm
  • Multi vessel systems for increased water storage capacity
  • 5 year warranty
Not sure which model you need? View our sizing guide to find out.
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