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Product Information:
"Why do I need a AquaStor Sigma F1 unvented hot water cylinder?"
  • If you own a larger multi bathroom property or leisure facility with multiple showers and require high volume flow rates or increased hot water storage.
  • If you require faster heat up for peak time demands.
  • If you want to run multiple shower outlets at the same time.
"When should I install one?"

When you need large volumes of hot water to meet high showering demand, which a standard unvented cylinder just coudn`t cope with.
The AquaStor Sigma F1 may be used to upgrade an inefficient hot water system to a modern state of the art and energy efficient direct from the mains system supplying multiple outlets with masses of hot water.

N.B. Unvented cylinders require a minimum 1.5Bar water pressure and a minimum flow rate of 20lpm. If the incoming water main to the property is unable to meet this requirement you will need a MainsBoost™ Water Performance System.

"How does it work?"

The AquaStor Sigma F1 has a large heating coil which generates faster heat up times as the coil carries more water and provides greater heat transfer than finned or rippled coil cylinders, while maintaining the heat for longer because of the F1's ECO foam insulation which minimises heat loss.

The AquaStor Sigma F1 features 1” bsp hot and cold water connections and an adjustable inlet control valve for applications where high water flow rates (up to 80lpm of hot water) and higher pressures are required.

Available in three different model sizes the AquaStor Sigma F1 will meet the hot water needs of most domestic properties and can be installed in multiples to cater for larger commercial properties such as Hotels and Sports Clubs. The AquaStor Sigma F1 is particularly effective when used in conjunction with MainsBoost™ Water Performance Systems.

The AquaStor Sigma F1 carries a 25 year warranty and is WRAS approved.

For technical information on the AquaStor Sigma F1 click here.
Key Facts:
  • Large heating coils for fast heat up and shorter recovery times
  • 1" BSP hot and cold connections for higher hot water flow rates
  • Operates at up to 5.0 bar water pressure
  • Ultra low heat loss, Eco foam insulation
  • Fully flooded design with external expansion vessel supplied as standard
  • 25 Year cylinder warranty
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