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Product Information:
"Why do I need a AquaStor Amega Tank-in-tank hot water Cylinder?"
  • You require improved hot water performance with faster heat up times.
  • You want improved fuel efficiency with outstanding hot water delivery.
  • You want a high performance stainless steel hot water cylinder with minimal maintenance.
  • You want the perfect partner to your condensing boiler/ heat pump to ensure maximum efficiency.
"When should I install one?"

If you are looking to install a simple and highly effective hot water system and are considering installing a new hot water cylinder, or hot water system which will deliver improved hot water performance compared with other hot water cylinders and are prepared to pay slightly more for a highly efficient system that heats water up to 2.5 times faster than a traditional coil cylinder.

"How does it work?"

The AquaStor Amega uses tank-in-tank technology to deliver improved hot  water performance and consists of two tanks. The inner tank is made of stainless steel which is completely immersed in the primary water of the heating circuit, as cold water enters the inner tank it is quickly heated due to the large heat exchange surface (tank-in-tank) of the inner tank which is surrounded  by hot water. the AquaStor Amega maintains a uniform temperature of at least 60°C.

The AquaStor Amega heats a large quantity of hot water in a very short time (up to 2.5 times faster that a traditional coil) this reduces the volume of water stored and limited energy loses. The AquaStor Amega is also self de-scaling and therefore requires minimal maintenance.

Click here for the AquaStor Amega technical data sheet.
Key Facts:
  • Quality stainless steel inner tank construction
  • Large surface area heat exchanger
  • Self-descaling ensures consistent efficiency
  • Easy access control pod with thermostats and six-pin plug for simple electrical connection
  • Low heat loss: 50 mm thick polyurethane insulation
  • Commercial, residential and industrial applications
  • 3 kW Immersion heater back up (models 210-300)
  • Supplied with full unvented system kit
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