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Product Information:
"Why do I need a MainsBoost-plus Multi Vessel System?"

It may be necessary to install a MainsBoost-plusMulti Vessel System to increase the volume of stored water if...
  • You live in a larger property or one with multi bathrooms.
  • The incoming water supply to your property is less than 2Bar (static/standing) pressure (so insufficient for a standard MainsBoost™ system.)
  • The incoming water pressure to your property is OK (about 2Bar), but you would like more pressure - up to 3.5Bar.
  • Peak demand for water coincides with a reduction in flow from the incoming mains supply.
  • You have large drench type shower heads and/or shower body jets or a large bath.
  • You have teenage children who shower for ages.
  • The shower fittings you have require a guaranteed minimum operating pressure.
"When should I install one?"

If the property has good water pressure above (2Bar) but poor flow rates and  if the house is a multi bathroom property with everyone wanting to shower at peak demand times then  the property would benefit from installing a MainsBoost-plus™ Multi Vessel Water System. This will increase water storage and deliver improved water pressure and stabilise water flow rates to combination boilers and unvented cylinders so they work at their optimum performance, allowing the property owner to enjoy the benefits of having multiple taps and showers open at the same time without losing water pressure to any of the outlets.    

"How does it work?"

The MainsBoost-plus Multi Vessel  System is made up of two or more MainsBoost™ vessels and is  supplied with a complete installation kit which allows the vessels to work in tandem storing an increased volume of water under  pressure.

It is possible to link MainsBoost-plus Multi Vessel Systems in different sizes to  arrive at the final system configuration. ( e.g MBD45022 + MBD240A22)

As an outlet is opened water is forced out of the MainsBoost-plus vessels utilising 'green energy' to  boost the incoming mains water supply and delivering a constant water flow rate to unvented cylinders, combination boilers etc allowing them to operate at their optimum performance to deliver an improved and constant flow of water to all appliances in the home irrespective of how many taps are on, showers being  run and toilets flushed!

MainsBoost-plus Multi Unit systems are available in a range of sizes from 55 – 248 litre capacity and are linked together with  a MainsBoost™ Water Performance System to provide increased water storage to meet all household demands.

For MainsBoost-plus technical information click here.
Key Facts:
  • Pump direct from the mains, no need for break tanks
  • Increased pressure and flow throughout the property
  • Increased water pressure up to 3.5Bar
  • Increased water storage
  • Fully WRAS approved and water regulations compliant
  • 'Green Energy' saving by pass
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Patent protected design