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Product Information:
Why do I need an EceauSmartAerated Shower Head ?
  • If you want to reduce the amount of water you use showering by up to 40%
  • If you want to reduce your energy bills
  • If you want an eco-friendly shower head that still gives the effect of a full flow shower
How does it work?
The eco-friendly technology of the EceauSmart™ reduces the amount of water used and also the energy consumed. 60% of the water used when you shower is hot water, which requires energy to heat it.

Modern high performance shower heads provide flow rates from 14 litres per minute up to more than 30 litres per minute, and the average person takes at least 6 minutes to shower, so water consumption can reach more than 180 litres per person.

The EceauSmart™ is an eco-friendly shower head which  incorporate the latest aerating technology developed by one of Europe’s leading shower manufacturers, to provide the experience of a full flow shower whilst reducing water consumption to an environmentally friendly 9 litres per minute. This equates to just 54 litres of water per shower! Over a 1 year period an average family of 4 can save over 64,000 litres of water. (38,000 litres of hot water!

For further details on the EceauSmart™ Aerated Shower Heads click here

Key Facts:
  • Full flow shower experience
  • Save up to 40% water and energy
  • Fixed and variable spray patterns
  • Riser rail or fixed mounting
  • High quality, chrome finish
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