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Product Information:
"Why do I need a MainsBoost-combi™ Water Performance System?"
  • If your property suffers from poor water pressure and flow rates particularly at peak water demand times.
  • You live in a property with 2 bathrooms.
  • You have limited space to install a water boosting system.
  • You want an easy to install, hidden from view water boosting system
  • You want optimum performance from your combination boiler.
  • You want real 'Power Shower' Performance.
"When should I install one?"
If the incoming mains water supply to the property is less than 2Bar and a combination boiler is installed (which typically need 2Bar water pressure to work effectively), and you have limited space to install a water boosting system then the MainsBoost-combi™ with its compact dimensions (allowing it to be installed neatly into a 600 mm kitchen cupboard) will deliver improved water performance throughout the property.
"How does it work?"
The patented MainsBoost-combi™ Water Performace System can be connected directly to the incoming mains water supply. Its compact, energy efficient design provides for easy installation in any kitchen or home environment.
The MainsBoost-combi™ stores water in a patented water chamber which is 'locked and loaded' ready for distribution around the property when an outlet is opened. The MainsBoost-combi™ has an integrated flow restrictor (which ensures compliance with the 12 lpm UK water regulation) yet will deliver up to 30 lpm flow (dependant on model size) at 3.0Bar pressure to multiple outlets within the property for up to 8 minutes running time. When water flow exceeds 12lpm the system's patented 'Green Energy' bypass patented feature ensures the resulting increase in water flow will bypass the pump head and be supplied directly to the property. However, when water flow falls below 12lpm the MainsBoost-combi™ kicks in to increase water flow to the required rate.
The MainsBoost-combi™ has a preset cut-in limit. Once the vessel is empty it will continue to deliver 12lpm to the appliances until demand ends at which time the patented accumulator refills with wholesome drinking water which is again ‘locked and loaded’ in the sealed hygienic container ready for use the next time a tap or shower is turned on.
The MainsBoost-combi™can be installed to directly supply the combination boiler for improved boiler performance allowing for more than one appliance to be used at the same time.
The MainsBoost-combi™ is supplied with high quality threaded connections for easy connection to the cold water rising main.

The MainsBoost™ system is all about using simple, but effective water boosting technology.
The advantage of simple technology is reliability so you can install a MainsBoost-combi™ in the kitchen cupboard and let it get on with what it does best making shower time a delight!
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Key Facts:
  • Pump directly from the mains - WRAS approved and water regulation compliant
  • Compact design for out of sight installation
  • Available in 200 and 300 Ltr sizes
  • Dramatically improves pressure and flow to all outlets
  • Patented water bypass valve for improved efficiency
  • Quite operation
  • Simple installation - no onsite commissioning required
  • 3 year warranty
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