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Product Information:
"Why do I need a AquaBoost Mini Cold Water Boosting Set?"
  • If your property has specific flow rate and pressure requirements to meet peak demand.
  • If a MainsBoostTM Water Performance System is unsuitable for the application.
"When should I install one?"
The AquaBoost Mini cold booster sets are economical, easy fit units. The high performance of the pump and high quality manufacture make them the ideal choice to meet the demands of larger domestic and light commercial applications, requiring flow rates of up to 90 litres per minute nad pressures up to 4.8 bar.
The AquaBoost Mini cold water boosting set is idally suited for upgrading existing hot water cylinders to provide increaded pressur and flow rate.
"How does it work?"
The AquaBoost Mini is a simple, cost effective solution specifically designed ro use in domestic homes that require increased water pressure and flow rate.
The centrifugal multi stage design, and robust all stainless steel/brass construction pump features a continuously rated motor and long life mechanical seal.  The pump is mounted on a 24 litre cold water diaphragm tank, incorporating pressure switch control and dry run protection.  Further pump protection is provided by an inline stainer.
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Key Facts:
  • Outlet pressures up to 4.8 bar
  • Flow rates to 90 lpm
  • Fixed speed, pressure switch control
  • Quiet running less than 50 dB(A)
  • Quality manufacture
  • 3 year warranty
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