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Product Information:
"Why do I need an iBoost-200 Water Boosting System?"
  • If your property has specific flow rate and pressure requirements to meet peak demand.
  • When the solution required requires a ‘white goods’ look and feel that will fit into any kitchen or utility room design either as a stand-alone unit or built into a standard 600 mm kitchen larder cupboard.
  • If a MainsBoost Water Performance System is unsuitable for the application.
"When should I install one?"
When there is insufficient water pressure and flow rates to meet the demands of the property and the instlalation requires a compact and stylish solution.
Designed for domestic properties installed with a high flow combi boiler or unvented cylinder and with 2 or more bathrooms, the iBoost-200 will deliver an unrestricted supply of 200 litres of water, ensuring a consistent boosted supply to meet the demands of the property.
"How does it work?"
Lying behind the sleek exterior of the iBoost-200 is a unique 200 litre pre-assembled break tank and integrated pump unit that will deliver sustained performance, long working life and quiet operation with a typical performance of 60 litres per minute at 3.0 bar pressure but up to 100 litres per minute and 4.5 bar pressure to meet unexpectedly high demand; ample supply to meet the demands of the majority of high performance water systems.
The iBoost-200 will supply water at up to 4.5 bar to all outlets within the property.  As demand is generated the pump control vessel empties and pressure drops below 3.0 bar; the pressure switch opens and the pump starts to meet the demand.  When demand ceases the pump will continue to run to re-pressurise the vessel until the set point pressure of 4.5 bar is achieved, which automatically triggers the flow switch, switching off the pump.
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Key Facts:
  • Delivers 60 lpm & 3.0 bar water pressure
  • High-flow fill valve allows rapid tank recovery
  • Low noise rating
  • 200 litres useable stored water capacity
  • Superior performance to other home boost products
  • Minimal footprint - maximum performance
  • No on-site commissioning required
  • 3 year warranty
  • WRAS approved materials