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Product Information:
"Why do I need a WMDA Wall Mounted Pressurisation unit?"
  • If  water pressure within the property is insufficient to allow the installation of a sealed heating system.
  • If the Kw output of the heating boiler to be installed is greater than 40Kw, thereby bringing the installation under the requirements of building regulations...... and the installation of a type AB air gap.
  • If the height of the property dictates that the required heating system pressure is greater than the available incoming water pressure, (typically a building more than 4 floors in height)
"When should I install one?"

If you are unsure as to whether the property requires the installation of a WMDA1-1 pressurisation unit, contact the TWS sales office on 0845 612 3050; and our Technical team will be happy to discuss the application and advise.

"How does it work?"

The WMDA range of  wall mounted pressurisation units are cabinet housed and designed for use on sealed system heating applications to meet building regulations (over 40kW heat input) or where the mains pressure is insufficient to provide minimum system pressure requirements.

System pressure is controlled by a user friendly electronic controller to set the performance parameters.

A suitably sized Heatwave heating expansion vessel will be required to complete the installation. Contact TWS for assistance with sizing.

For WMDA wall mounted pressurisation unit technical information click here.
Key Facts:
  • WMDA1-1 suitable for applications up to 60Kw boiler output
  • WMDA2-3 suitable for applications over 60Kw boiler output
  • Password protection for parameter entry
  • Neop power on indicator
  • WRAS approved break tank and float valve
  • 230v 50 Hz 1ph
  • Electronic pressure transmitter
  • Volt free contacts for high pressure, low pressure, transducer and pump failure alarm
  • WMDA units are NOT suitable for use with unvented cylinders and potable water applications
  • 1 year warranty
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